Hi! This Wiki is about a game called "Kugeln.io," a multiplayer shooter game made in 2017. It is based on the polandball meme, with players having countryball avatars. We have pages on players, items and more! Anyone can contribute, but please do not vandalize pages or spam anything. Additionally, this wiki is not meant for fictional, fan-created content such as "fictional accessories," alliances/pacts, or any other such content. Fictional/fan-made content can be added to the other kugeln.io wiki at kugelnio.fandom.com.

What is kugeln.io and how do I play it?[edit | edit source]

Kugeln.io is an online multiplayer shooting game. Players have countryball avatars based on the Polandball meme, and their basic goal is to win matches, which can be entered by clicking "play" in the lobby. If players have an account, their goal is to get as much XP as possible (see XP below) and to get on the leaderboard and level up. Logged in players can not get past level 99, the maximum level. See the information below for a basic orientation of kugeln.io:

Lobby[edit | edit source]

The lobby is the main screen, and it will be the first thing you see once you enter the kugeln.io website. It looks different based on whether you have an account or not, with the key differences being that logged in players will have a a levels bar, achievements list, messages bar, friend requests bar, and friends list. The lobby, for all players, includes the panel on the left and the content in the center. On the left panel, there is information on official game information sources, sponsoring organization, administrative links, and controls. In the center section, there are advertisements to keep the game free, a leaderboard, a settings link, and a match creator ("advanced match"). There is also the button that players press to enter a random match, the name control, and the avatar control.

Controls[edit | edit source]

To play the game, a mouse is recommended for convenience. You can press the "A" or "D" keys or the left and right arrow keys to walk, and the spacebar to jump. This is necessary for moving around in matches. Players can also use the grapnel by right clicking. This pulls the player towards a solid area if they grapple at a solid area, and it can also be used to attack enemy players. There are also other uses which can be understood once a player is more experienced. To fire weapons, which can be on the player by default or collected, a player must left click. To change weapons, a player must scroll or use two fingers on the touchpad if not using a mouse. When you enter a match, you will see a heart monitor on your left side, and a ammunition monitor on your right side. Note that all resources/items, offensive or not, have a certain ammunition capacity, and must be replenished to be used again (some exceptions.) The ammunition monitor tells you how much ammunition you have left (different items have different amounts of ammunition), and the heart monitor tells you how much health you have left before you die (you start out with 10 hearts, which can be lowered by another player attacking you or you harming yourself). Note that you can replenish health by moving over hearts.

Match Types[edit | edit source]

Players play kugeln.io on different matches with different game modes. Here is some basic information:

Map Types[edit | edit source]

Maps are the different locations on which matches can be held in. There are 6 maps on which matches are played in: winter, desert, spring, spring 2, city, and moon. Each match has is unique. For example, in the moon match, players fall slower due to the simulation of the actual moon, a property that other matches do not have. The winter, desert, and spring matches have bricks, a resource/item with which you can build breakable structures with. The spring 2, city, and moon matches do not have bricks for you to build structures with.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

In addition to having different locations, matches also can have differing objectives. There are 3 game modes in kugeln.io: death match (DM), team death match (TDM), and capture-the-flag (CTF). Each type has a different objective and slightly differing criteria for earning XP. In death match, your goal is to kill as many other players as you can. In the team death match, you are divided in to 2 teams (red and blue), and your goal is to kill players of the other team as much as possible so that your team ends up with the most XP at the end. In capture the flag, your goal is to capture the flag for your team 3 times or to capture it more than the other team has captured your team's flag.

Resources/Items[edit | edit source]

All matches have resources (also called items). There are 5 types of resources in matches (some matches do not have certain resource types), and they are: shotgun, Revolver, bow, brick, and grenade launcher (also known as an RPG, missile launcher, etc). All resources have varying amounts of ammunition. You will get a Revolver and a bow when you spawn. You can move over icons relating to the other resources to obtain or replenish them (you can replenish revolvers, but not bows). Bows can only be replenished by dying or falling into the water and/or blowing yourself up with a grenade launcher or being killed and thus respawning. Unless you hack, you can only see parts of the map in a match.

XP[edit | edit source]

XP, meaning experience, is necessary for logged in players to level up, and get on the leaderboard. Logged in players want to get XP, along with doing all achievements. XP is given based on players' performance in matches, and is a numerical quantity. XP is not relevant for players who do not have a kugeln.io account.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

There are 11 achievements. They are: "Bad Amor," "Lumberjack," "Robin Hood," "Fun with Flags," "Standard Bearer," "Picnic Blanket," "Flag Master," "Perkele," "8.8CM Guy," "Come In, Big Bird," and "Can Into Space." These achievements are awarded to logged in players who have done certain tasks. For example, you need to fly as high as you can with the jetpack resource/item in the desert or city map (see Match Types below for hat these are) to get the "Can Into Space" achievement. Achievements are named based on certain connections to other things or so that they are humorous, such as Can Into Space, a reference to a common quote of Polandball in the Polandball meme.

Chat[edit | edit source]

In all matches, you can access a chat by pressing the "Enter" key. For team matches, you can press tab to toggle between team and all. Nothing typed by anyone is censored in the chat (including inappropriate words and cusswords), but unless you use Ctrl+Shift+I, you can not distinguish between capital and lowercase letters. You can not copy text in the chat, nor can you click on links in it. Players do casual talk, team coordination, and more with the chat. This is not to be confused with the in-game communication system available for all logged in players.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Players with a kugeln.io account can obtain friends. First, a player must pull their to-be friend's profile, which can be done by searching their exact name, or by clicking their name at the end of a match. Once the to-be friends profile is pulled up, the player must click "add friend" to friend request them. The to-be friend can either accept or deny the friend request.

In-Game Communication System[edit | edit source]

Players with accounts can "text" each other with a communication system. The logged in players can access this by opening a player's profile and then sending a message, or by accessing the texting system by pressing the messages bar on the left panel. In the in-game communication system, you can distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters without hacking.

Community Information[edit | edit source]

Kugeln.io has several notable players, who are generally involved in community affairs and community created media, for example being a member of this fandom, with other media being the main/old fandom wiki or the discord (social media links at kugelnio.fandom.com, the old wiki). Kugeln.io most likely has a community because of the live chat feature in which non logged in players or logged in players can hangout and do casual chat in addition to the other non-live in game communication system for logged in players. This probably helped coordinate the creation of the first kugeln.io player made community platforms, such as the old wiki at kugelnio.fandom.com. The community first started probably when players started to become friends with each other and form factions through the in game chat systems, and then with the expansion of the community from just the chat systems to things like the wikis and discord, which helped make the community more complex. Notable/currently seen players are usually on the leaderboard, and there are few active logged in players who have not contacted the community through the chat systems.

If you are a new person who has just joined the community, and if you want to get involved and have a good reputation, you should first get to know how things work, and become friends with players. This orientation hopefully helps new players get oriented and get them started into becoming an experienced member of the kugeln.io community, but there are other things to do to become more involved and become popular with a good reputation. Generally, you should want to follow some community insider norms, which includes not being "narcissistic," annoying, irritable, spreading negative vibes, or demonstrating any other such undesirable behavior. This is necessary because people who demonstrate a negative or undesirable personality are generally demonized, mostly by a certain player or faction of players. To illustrate how this works, a community member might mention Vittoriothenaked. This player joined but started spamming the live match chat with inappropriate and trollist things, seemingly in an attempt to be a troll. The player was quickly demonized with the social media and the general content of community platforms such as the old/main wiki and in match gossip, and became banned from many community platform, and is also generally disliked. The bottom line is that you should not be irritable or demonstrate any "bad" behavior if you want to become involved in the community with a good reputation.

For any additional information of the kugeln.io community, go to the old/main wiki at kugelnio.fandom.com.

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